Art Direction

Conceptual development of advertising campaigns in concern of a brands positioning. Art direction throughout the entire production process 
of film- and photo shootings. Middle-woman between client, agency and creative team. Development of creative concepts from the first draft to the final product until ready for print or online publishing.

Graphic Design

Development and design of corporate and editorial identities. Editorial design and page layout for magazines and other print products as related to marketing for fashion and lifestyle brands. Savvy knowledge in the usage and effects of imagery and typography. Design of poster and cover art for musicians and/ or special events.

Content Marketing

Well-informed about editorial topics including fashion and beauty, music, literature, food, design and interior. Collaborating with copywriters to ensure that copy and design work together and thus generate valuable content in order to attract and retain a target audience. Creating brand awareness through relevant information within the lifestyle industries.

Digital Design

Digital Design and Gestaltung under the premises of the companies corporate identity and brand guidelines as well as the awareness of usability and user experience. Creating visual concepts for a solid online presence. This includes design for webpages, online-shops, newsletters, social media contributions and advertising banners.